It’s been a big week for one of our fine local talents. This past Friday saw the official release the debut album A Taller Us from Foxtrott. Another fine talent that is worthy of the M for Montreal showcase.

I had heard of this artist a while ago now, with friends all over Canada who are fans of her work. Truthfully, going into the show I didn’t know much of her work. I had just been playing the debut record in the hours leading up to the show. One thing that needs to be said, is that she sounds amazing recorded & live. There is a tightness between herself & band. You can feel her passion in the songs translate right from record to stage.

Sadly, what hindered this event slightly may have been the venue. The Phi Centre is a great space, mostly because they have phenomenal acoustics. Foxtrott definitely capitalized on that fact. The sound was so full bodied & those moments where she really belted out some growling notes were beautiful.

Shout out to the 2 musicians on stage supporting! I love a good brass player, the addition of french horn was very enjoyable to me. All the use of various percussion between Foxtrott herself & the drummer gave it that extra little something too. It made everything come together.


Next time I get the chance to watch this talented musician, I want a older, more grimy type venue. One that I can really go wild in, get a little sweaty. That is what this album deserves, more energy from the crowd. I feel a different venue would have changed the atmosphere for the better. I am watching & waiting for that chance to vibe this record live again.

Still, I tip my hat to you Foxtrott & a big congratulations to you on the album release. Seriously guys, it’s quite good. Get your copy man! M for Montreal brought some wicked local talent to my attention, this was certainly one of them.