Multi-talented UK artist Kieran Hebden is brought his electronic act (under the name Four Tet) to MUTEK Montreal! He’s one of the top names this year, set to explode his electro-acoustic lab experiments across the ears of thousands of lucky participants. Four Tet’s inimitable style straddles post-rock, dance, jazz and folk, as well as genres yet to be named.

Hebden credits everything from Motown funk to ’90s horrorcore rap as influences, making him impossible to pin down. One thing is consistent: In contrast to the often chilly and downbeat style of his electronic post-rock peers, Hebden’s work as Four Tet is known for its upbeat, warm and even euphoric qualities – qualities which are much enhanced by the joy-charged atmosphere of his live show. MUTEK Montreal is going to be all sexy smiles, we predict.

Hebden has been purveying his brand of soulful dance rhythms as Four Tet since 1998, when he was still playing guitar in his post-rock band Fridge. Four Tet’s early output attracted significant buzz and soon Hebden was leading a musical double life, touring with Fridge by day and remixing the likes of Aphex Twin by night – or perhaps vice versa.

Hebden’s 2001 album Pause under the Four Tet name was critically acclaimed, and so unique that a new genre name – folktronica – was coined by music media to describe it. Since then, Four Tet has been Hebden’s dominant project, with a smattering of Fridge releases throughout the 2000s. Hebden’s many talents and have made him a hotly demanded remix artist from a wide variety of artists; he’s worked with artists as disparate as Madvillain, Tegan and Sara and Radiohead, among others.