Light Bulb Alley is a band we have been following for quite some time. In fact, it’s more than just a band it’s a mini undergrunge sub-culture of garage jamming, lane hanging, whisky drinking, guitar psychedellicking musicians that have been creating a raison d’etre for many music fans in the last decade.

Recently produced by Parisian producer and singer DARAN at Thank you for smoking studios   and LMM studio. LBA’s latest release: Bright Side Of The Dumptster has a different feel than their 2011 release ” The Sound of Things” released by Ricochet Sound (The Gruesomes label). The title of the album sheds light on a new aspiration sound for LBA. Imagine A little West Coast sunshine on an East Coast city dumpster. The idea that in the darkest of places, there is light, there is LIFE.  The band’s raw garage rock sound has taken a polished turn into sexier guitar licks and raspier rants with new stories about wicked women and wayward woes.

So what has blood sweat and tears in the Thank You For Smoking Studios produced? Re-released classics like Pepper Spray, which has been the band’s on-going live hit for a few years. In the darkness of a red light and melting mascara, you can see the lips of female fans mouthing the words to Allister’s famous song about how hard it is to break up with someone you love even when they are perma toxic yet beautifully delicious train wreck. Below is also the Official video release of Pepper Spray, produced and directed by Alysa Touati!

The group consists of Allister Booth (guitar, vocals) and many members throughout the years. Notably Sean Barnard Carey from Uubuurruu played guitar on the album. The Bright Side Of The Dumpster has a jaded energy of smarter heart breaks and less guitar interlude tears. It has a more debaucherous edge, and lyrically there are many references to parting hard. We get the feeling in this album that the signer is no longer soaking his head in hopeful heartbreaks and rather pulling his band mates into rusty retro vans to tour the masses of righteous rockers, awesome oddballs, and of course girls.

Fave new single dropped? MARY, (she’s so contrARY!) and Foxylee sometimes gets possessed by l’esprit de contradiction that the French are cursed (or blessed) with!

LIVE? Well you will just have to check out their OFFICIAL RECORD LAUNCH but I will give you a hint… the punks have grown up in the garage and they are bending people’s minds with psychedelic poetry and sweaty grown out hair dos.