Where did we choose to go for our seasonal BandMark staff party and brainstorm? SEOUL CHAKO and boy are we glad we chose wisely. This is the place with EVERYTHING: Great ambiance, friendly staff, good food and a whole lotta fun!

With an eco-friendly sustainable buffet (where you order in small portions) SEOUL CHAKO aims to be the Korean buffet that doesn’t waste. As our friendly hostess with the mostess pointed out.

“We want to be an ALL you can eat, but not an ALL you can waste. So many buffets cater to people whose eyes are bigger than their stomachs, with gigantic vats of food. They pile on one plate at a time, often wasting a good part of the one prior – “At SEOUL CHAKO we suggest you order one or 2 fresh portions FIRST to see what your appetite is like moving forward. Our staff doesn’t mind running back and forth for each dish, we would rather work hard at serving than have meat go to waste on badly estimated hunger.”

I really like that concept as someone who tries to respect the food chain as much as I can.

As soon as I walked in I felt relaxed because it’s dark and spacious which already makes me want to be a regular. I hate 99% of resto lighting as it spotlights over me, vibrates in hope someone will change the evil fluorescent bulbs or hangs near your head in hipster vintage madness. Why can’t people get this right? but that is an entirely an other blog!

We began with 3 suggested faves and a mini Korean BBQ cooking lesson! Marinated beef, pork belly and chicken. The pork belly was my fave and the chicken was the blogger team faves. I didn’t order Ox tongue in fear it would look like the plate wants to lick us, but my ignorance became a lesson, when our hostess Ariel explained the tongue is sliced and marinated in a way that renders the meat both delicious and undetectable. In fact, we want to go back just for that delicacy!


The meat and sauces get grilled up on the coolest hub cab looking iron disk which is the Korean BBQ plate. Kerosene powered and all ready to toss your meats and veggies on. Part of the fun is creating your own little combinations in lettuce leaves used as sandwich wraps. This activity makes a nice date night idea, as 2 people can get to know each other and a fun food culture at the same time. It’s also a good gluten free option since there is no gluten in sight, except for the small amount that might be present in some of the sauces. It is totally safe for low-carbers if they can resist the desserts, sweet sauces and are aware of their portions. 4 portions of meat and 4 portions of veggies is the equivalent of a full dinner plate for those who are unsure.

The drinks that accompanied the meals were nothing short of mixology heaven. For a restaurant that doesn’t have to cater to a large drink culture, they made incredible cocktails none the less. The absolute fave was a martini made with vodka, real mango and mint. Careful though, it’s so delicious you forget the vodka 😉 SAKE shots were many and before we knew it our brain storm had turned into a giggly hurricane! We did get some work done… but in the end it was more of a BandMark family reunion with our dedicated writers and what better place to have entertained our wacky bunch of foodies.