With a week’s full of runways shows, conferences, and pop-up shops, Festival Mode & Design hit an editorial high for it’s closing 2 nights. FMD does a fairly good job at delivering a variety of style during its week-long run. The mix of major corporate brands and unique designers create a contrast on the runway, allowing the original collections to get a leg up on the major brands and stand ahead of them entirely.

Functional High Fashion

Friday night’s runway shows on the FMD stage dug a little deeper into modern high fashion, beginning with Canadian designer Roxanne Nikki, who debuted her fall collection for 2016. Nikki, known for being synonymous with luxury, offered up a collection with a harmony between functionality and unexpected couture detailing.

A blend of unique fabrics, furs and unparalleled construction techniques that focus on a unique artistic viewpoint offering avant-garde design. This collection made me yearn for the fall weather to wrap these beautifully lush and cozy fabrics around my body.


Beautifully Dysfunctional

Closing out Friday night was an LCI Education Network collaborative showcase, dubbed YUL-BCN. The college designs during this runway event were by far the most eccentric and out there seen all week. Where Roxanne Nikki delivers a modern, high fashion functionality, the Groupe Sensation Mode produced show offered up a deep contrast.

What a collection to see. Still, I don’t fully understand how everything tied together. While watching the show, it felt as though a Scarecrow had come to life to create his imagining of what avant-garde high fashion is. There was a surreal blend of fabrics and colours featured on the models, complete with straw falling off them as they strutted down the catwalk. Some pieces felt like they belonged in a technicolour horror movie.


100% original, this runway show successfully irritated me beyond belief. The forward thinking collective showcase was full of fashions you won’t likely see again. Not in stores, not out on the streets. I applaud the talented designers who were part of this show.

My frustration here stems from not being able to buy these products in any store. Frustrating, indeed. We’ll have to keep an eye out for these students to debut coming collections available for purchase.14115431_10154342216059088_8123191865209330127_o

Festival Mode & Design, 2016 edition, showcased many brands as well. Guess, Le Chateau, Ardene, Dynamite, La Vie En Rose were all among the major labels showing new season collections. When pitted against the aforementioned designers, they do not even come close to inspired passion.

I look forward to seeing how strong this contrast in design will be for next years’ Festival Mode & Design.