Celebrating 2 years as a restaurant can mean a lot these days here in this small yet exceedingly vast city of fine dining. Even the tiniest of eateries are now grasping onto the concept of top notch cuisine, and finally reflecting on the profitability of exceptional food combined with great atmosphere.

Keeping up with the idea of a posh boutique style restaurant, Flyjin is upscale Asian infusion cuisine with the majority of the inspiration coming from Japan, as well as China, Korea, Thailand and Viet-Nam. Catering to the Supper club impression, you get 2 general dinner sittings per night. After that though, Flyjin gets a little darker, quite sexier (if that is possible), and A LOT crazier! The mysterious location also caters to A-listers and celebs alike which are usually sneaking their way past the shambles that is called a line up to party hardy in this exclusive, intimate space.  Being in a side alley as they are (the old Cherry for anyone who remembers) the line up can stretch to St.Paul street on the right night, and can have you waiting for what could be hours if you show up sans reservations.  I know you are going to hate to hear it because god forbid there is a criterion to uphold, but Flyjin likes to keep a certain repertoire, so you best believe that if you don’t have proper reservations and aren’t well known by the Flyjin crew, escorted by at least 4 sexy females, or a seriously big spender there is a big chance you will be in that line up… all night. I myself have succumbed to the humiliation of walking back down the alley and making my way to the next hotspot. Shit happens.

Finally changing the way our city does things, I feel the owners of Flyjin, Nic Urli and Alex Brousseau have brought back that exclusivity that our nightlife seemed to be lacking. It is that extra je ne sais quoi that Montreal used to be so famous for; that old school supper club concept, which meant a well balanced mix of fine dining and night clubbing all in one place. I get it, Montreal is well known for being a sub culture of urban diversification and refined eateries and YES I also get it that people from all over the world appreciate Montreal for this reason, but you know what else they have appreciated us for, for many years? Our nightlife! We have a certain reputation to uphold, and it seems as though with all the fancy, rich kid hipsters infiltrating the scene, and cops crashing every good party to hit Montreal this thing called nightlife has become a dying culture… somewhat like everything else around here.  #Justsaying

You start to wonder, what are these guys doing so right in a location that kept doing wrong? It proves that the location isn’t necessarily the issue but sometimes the vision for that location needs refurnishing. Flyjin brought something new to the city and since then many restaurant/bar owners have followed suit and have reinstated establishment standards. It makes all the difference in a city that has one of the highest numbers of restaurants/clubs per capita in the world. Makes sense to me anyways.

So Happy birthday Flyjin, 2 years is a good start and so far a very successful one for you and your team. Cheers to another 25!