As someone who loves plants and flowers, I was happy to discover Flora & Leo. A designer flower delivery service, which caters to unique bouquets that match people’s style! The site was developed by a man and the bouquet concepts, a woman – so it caters to both needs perfectly. Never again does a guy have to ask himself what kind of flowers he should be sending his girl on Valentine’s or his mom on her birthday, a cleverly built selecting app was created to take the guess work out!

We tested the app today at BandMark since it was my mom’s birthday. After a series of logical questions like for what occasion, who is this woman in relation to me, what is her style etc. it chose the bouquet ‘Mirage’. Funny enough my mom loves simple flower arrangements with an exotic twist. I could not have designed a better bouquet. The flower arrangement consists of daisies, cymbidium orchids and pink ginger flowers. I have always loved the combination of very feminine mystical flowers like orchids, blended with bolder more yang and exotic statement flowers like the pink ginger flower. With daisies and cymbidiums dancing around the main stage – this bouquet is a sure win for every modern mom I promise.

Other runner up bouquets I was eyeing were also very beautiful. The flower selector tool brings you to a small selection of various styles and prices to suit everyone. Ultimately YOU get to pick the final bouquet. The site has other impressive features like special occasion reminders, loyalty points, and first order discount codes for you to try out their service. So far I’m impressed and eagerly waiting as my mom tries to figure out who sent her the mysterious birthday bouquet! (I sent it anonymously to give her a little guessing fun, but will let her know by sunset!)

Their Christmas holiday bouquets are also worth a glance, I particularly love the one called ‘Snowy Night’! Take a look here.