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Fine Young Vanguards with a WRK N PRGRSS: Let’s ART

Fine Young Vanguards with a WRK N PRGRSS: Let’s ART

Interactive art

Fine Young Vanguards with WRK N PRGRSS

This Friday and Saturday (Dec. 8th and 9th) head straight to the party at 8PM. This party is called WRK N PRGRSS. It’s a multidisciplinary showcase a number of artists, 12 works over 2 nights at the MAI (Montreal, arts interculturels). Interactive/Collab art at its best!

wrknprgrss fb event cover.png

WRK N PRGRSS will present its emerging artists with a program of theatrical, visual and literary works. Cleverly, each artist will create their art form, be it acting, sculpture,dance, and so-forth in the MAI’s theatre, cafe, cloakrooom, and change rooms (every nook and cranny).vicky mettler

Vicky Mettler (jazz guitarist, improviser)

The focus of this event is process rather than product, there will be a number of artists from various disciplines and practices in the act of creation scattered throughout the space.

jesse stong

Tarot Live! by Jesse Stong (actor + performer)

Audiences are invited to meander around, to come and go and most of all follow where their curiosity takes them. Some artists may invite the audience to engage in their process and some might ask them for feedback, but they are all offering a window into the creation process which is rarely seen outside of the artist studio.

Uniquely, you will play an integral part of this grand showcase. You are welcomed if not encouraged to improv your way into this show as you wish or be the wonderfully observant wallflower.

WRK N PRGRSS  is labelled as unfinished work for this reason –you are there to bring it to fruition.

Thankfully, we have PlayShed to thank for putting this on. They are a company with a mandate to be inclusive, to be sustainable, and to be versatile. All the while to explore different points of view other than the norm. This stirring melting pot of THE ARTS will feature more than thirty artists for us to witness and be part of the process of creation, experimental performances, live painting and sheer artistic creation.

I sat down with one of the artists , Jen Quinn (Montreal Director/Dramaturg). Her piece is a performance creation which is a collaboration between 4 artists: 2 from Montreal and 2 from Toronto; 2 who are actual sisters and 2 who are sisters-from-other-mothers. The sisters, being very physically alike. Jen explained,

“I wanted to explore the idea of duality by each embodying one half of the same being who is torn in two by her internal opposition. Before the showcase we will have had about 20 hours of rehearsals where we will begin exploring the theme of duality through exercises, movement, text, dance and body percussion. The showcase will be a continuation of those explorations, but with an added element: an audience to engage with. We’re using WRK N PRGRSS as a means to get this creation off the ground — at this point all we have is a blank canvas, some ideas and questions paired with the skills and experiences that the 4 of us will bring into the studio.”

Jen Quinn,Katherine Turnbull (Toronto based dance artist) and sisters Katherine Turnbull (Montreal based performer) and Elizabeth Greer (Toronto based performer) will embody two parts of one whole describe their piece as, “a single entity split in two, four women will delve deep into the dualities that exist within each of us, as well as those surrounding us and imposed on us…Witness the war that is birthed by being torn in two. ”

Interactive art installations, such as WRK N PRGRSS are becoming more prominent in the art world because of its playful and inviting nature.

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Though conventional mediums like sculpture and painting still account for a large part of artistic work, the interactive art installation genre is quite pronounced in modern art.

As art is becoming more woven into technology and vast cultural integration. This wonderful bricolage of experimental theatre/art gallery/poetry reading/improv has been centered around visitors to participate in mediums of art. With this sense of inclusiveness and engagement, we are a new era in the vangaurd evolution of art and culture.

When: 8th and 9th DEC 2017 at 8pm
Where: MAI Montreal, Arts Interculturels
3680 rue Jeanne-Mance, Montreal
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Cash bar Service all night!

Programmation consisting of Visual Arts, Humor, Music, Theatre, Dance, Poetry, DJ
Friday, December 8
Charles Arsenault – Marie Barlizo – F&Y Frédérique
Beaubien +Yannic Ryan – Sophie Gee – Elizabeth Greer
Mimi Haddam – Christian Jadah – Anthony Kennedy
Katharine King – Oliver Koomsatira – Amy Lintunen
Vicky Mettler – Lauren McGowan – Jen Quinn
Shelby Thevenot – Katherine Turnbull
Saturday, December 9
Charles Arsenault – Trevor Barrette – Anurag Choudhury
Cypher Theatre : Debora Friedman,
Caeleight McDonald et Emily Kloppenburg
F&Y Frédérique Beaubien +Yannic Ryan – Gabriel Frank
Mimi Haddam – Patrick Keeler – Lauren McGowan
Gita Miller – Sabrina Miller – Patrick Park
Alex Petrachuk – Jesse Stong

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