Easily one of my favourite times of the year, Festival Mode & Design is well underway. FMD has a way of cultivating design, art, and style together. More than just a variety of runway shows and corporate brand collections that can be bought at every mall. The best part about Festival Mode & Design is bringing people together from all walks of life.

Between the unique pop-up shops and collection debuts on the runway. We get to see amazing local designers showcase their passionate work and key industry members offer insight to the world of fashion. We also get to hear from a handful of the cities biggest influencers in fashion and culture today.14037462_10157253819950487_1879599655_o

Trendsetter & Influencers Come to Play

Curating shows and defining trends are a major part of Festival Mode & Design. Tonight, influencer Lollita Dandoy – Fashion is Everywhere, will bring you Runway to Reality. A live talk and styling event showcasing local designers Niapsou Design and COOLKOALA. The latter of which was a personal highlight from FMD 2015.

So far the 2016 edition of FMD has felt, at least for me, a step back from the avant-garde/high-fashion looks I had seen in the previous year.  All that changed as the sun began to set, painting a stunning image of the Montreal skyline in summer. It was here that our cities queer representation filled up my being with Night Work, and not a moment too soon.

Where costumes become outfits…

DSC_0366Easily the most eclectic event I have seen so far. Montreal’s leading Boylesque performer Tristan Ginger curates an event blending fashion, nightlife and in my opinion, our cities greatest performance art form, Burlesque.DSC_0321

Tristan defined the versatility in beauty and glamor. The MAD Scene was made a playground where clothing(or lack thereof) can enhance a persona. Contrast to the major collection debuts that center around the garment before an individual.


On the Night Work fashions, the looks seen were certainly on point. Shout-out to Sandra Chirico Corsetry, who works relentlessly creating beautiful and classically sexy garments. The products are flawless. Rocky Gathercole brought in a futuristically-chic component with the models adorned by custom metallic pieces, looking straight out of a sci-fi movie. And of course, the leather harness looks provided by Xtreme Paraphilia were incredible and left me craving more.

This show bridged all the gaps in diversity, gender, and identity needed at FMD this year. Kudos to you, Tristan Ginger, and your talented group of performers.

DSC_0342 DSC_0216 DSC_0362

FYI, Tristan will be walking in tonight’s YUL-BCN show as well. This event will bring together the works from graduates of LaSalle College in Montreal with those of LCI Barcelona. Bound to be a highlight of the week, the show happens at 9:30 on the main runway.DSC_0236

Photo credit to Christina Love