As social media constantly changes and evolves, some things remain steady. For starters, despite many unpleasant changes Facebook band pages are still considered the #1 digital home base and fan hub. What used to be MySpace for fans as their 1 stop to discovering more about your band has become Facebook. So now that you have to focus on this page what are the 5 most important things to have on the page itself?

BandMark’s 5 must-haves for all band pages on Facebook:

  1. A cool branded timeline with your logo in the profile picture. Ideally a blended theme like ours where the logo and background merge. We like:  Timeline Cover Banner, a free tool!
  2. If you are touring at all, even just a little or even just within your city the Facebook app from BandsInTown is great!
  3. You need fans to be able to hear some of your music and get to know you better, collect emails etc. Bandpage, Reverbnation and Soundcloud are your friends; This guy compared them wonderfully!
  4. You absolutely need to learn how to run Facebook ads, or pay someone who does know. With as little as $1 per day, you can slowly increase your fan base and event turn out.
  5. Get personal on your page. Your fans do not want to hear about your music non stop, like you they have other interests. Showcase other bands, bitch about your local weather etc..

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