PreFab Homes are Getting Better

We are at an exciting time in housing! With the green and off-the-grid living movement as well as technology to create durable sustainable structures, the need to build a home from scratch is rarely the best option anymore. When one thinks of kits or preFab cabins, they imagine the ugly cookie cutters of depressing suburbs, but long are the days when that kind of housing is the only option. Many notable companies are providing unique and quick build designs at an affordable price.  Take a look at some of the options we love below…

Disconnect with a PreFab cabin!

The Off-The Grid Nomad

Just want to escape for a few days and disconnect with the city while reconnecting with nature? Fed up with the world and want to redefine your carbon foot print? Whatever the reason for this radical switch to minimal and back-to-basics lifestyle, Ark Shelter in our opinion is the solution to the smallest yet most brilliant use of space at an affordable cost. Perfect for single earthlings, single parents with 1 child or a couple with no kids – this little eco friendly piece of paradise is def one of our favourite designs for a nature shelter.

Minimal escapes with PreFab Cabins!

The Fireplace Lover

As a HUGE lover of fireplaces, we fell in love with this amazing design by Timberblock called The Eastman. Not only does this great use of space manage to fit 3 bedrooms in just over 1,500 square feet, but it includes a double chimney so that one can literally flip their living room inside out! That’s right enjoy a foyer in your living room inside during the winter months then go right to warming up after a chilly swim in the Summer by the outdoor living room concept. Timberblock offers a patented green insulation technique that we wholly endorse too! Check out all their designs for your dream home may live there…

Warm up! With a PreFab cabin

The Classic Cabin Hunter

There is no better design for classic log cabins than a Scandinavian design. This company makes one of of the most classic smaller cabin types for a very affordable price. Great for a couple with 2 kids or the dinner party type who wants sleep over guests! This cabin features a MUST inside stairway that leads to bedrooms inside the steep roof pitch. This open concept allows heat to rise in the winter and cool air to circulate in the Summer. Another feature I like about this model is no wasted space on uncovered balcony (the dumbest add-on like ever!) an unprotected wood balcony means it will get ruined in the rain and snow so that’s a big NO for us! We also feel it’s a waste if space that can be better used inside the home.You can find this classic Scandinavian model here at Scandinaves 

Cozy up with PreFab log cabins!


The Baller Country house.

My boyfriend and I play a game fairly frequently called “Your rich picks!” where we imagine that money is no object and we can pick our dream home based on style and comfort leaving affordability aside! Our tastes in wanting raw material, open concepts and expansive views tend to be similar although a lot of interior features are radically different. He loves grand staircases and wood paneled dens, while I seek 360 degree view solarium’s and unique dining rooms. So without further ado, come play “Rich picks with us and enjoy this architecture porn of the rich and fabulous!

Our Picks for Prefab cabins

Billy Wilde’s pick: The Cansion by Linwood homes!
Featuring: A totally gorgeous staircase that makes going to the second floor a fancy footed trip! Cute little window pitches, a very French Canadian feature of many old homes in Quebec and a beautiful stone fireplace in the center of the building. This house is both cozy and classic and perfect for anyone who is looking to accommodate many humans under 1 roof.

Foxylee’s Rich pick: The Highlander Also by Linwood homes!
For me, this expansive wonderland is my dream home. For 1, the octagonal sunroom is so LIT pun intended! I also love love the red cedar (hmm imagine how nice this place must smell!) and the post and beams everywhere… This is the perfect place for those who want to hang out, yet have their own space. You can travels throughout the home and experience different eras if you wish.

Live it up with PreFab cabins!

Maybe take a look at the Cosmopolitan Fashion Week and buy some fancy clothes to wear in your new preFab cabins.