So last night was the 2nd night of the 3 that makes up the newest edition to Montreal’s fashion scene, Fashion Preview.

With the sad announcement for most of us of the collaboration of Sensation Mode Montreal with Festival Mode et Design in 2012, most of us started losing hope for Montreal’s forever struggling fashion industry. It seemed we were forever doomed to failing attempts at fashion platform after fashion platform. With our overall city on a general economic decline, it was only natural that some of the first to go would be our fashion avant-gardists. Fashion as a whole is too big of an industry and a high paced industry for set-backs such as high tax brackets, and language laws to name a few. It seems that with Fashion Preview we may have something here, and something that I think could possibly stick.

Let’s start first by saying that Emanuela Lolli has done a superb job thus far. She has been working the PR in this city for quite some time now via various outlets, and has proved her success time and time again. In collaboration with La Maison Ogilvy, together they have managed to create a new and prospective option for high end as well as up and coming designers to showcase their newest collections. Emanuela and all the people who chose to participate in this new and developing event have really done something right. Sure, the sponsor list will grow with time, and every edition will get better and better, but to start I think they are taking the right direction.

As far as the clothing goes, well for me anyways, that’s another story and we are about to get to that; but as for the organization and the beautiful location, thumbs up to the whole team making this event possible. I salute you. Fashion preview really does have the potential to become the highlight that Montreal’s fashion scene has desperately needed.

This city is in a total rut… which brings me to the collections; MEH!!!! That is really all I have to say. I’m sorry, but I just believe we can do better. Each collection you could see was illustrated by seriously talented designers with so much potential. The people of Montreal, designers included NEED to get out of this funk and come back to life. So much black, and brown, and putrid green or muted blue it seems like these clothes are screaming I’m going to be sick or shoot me! Not to mention, the shapeless slacks that were called clothes.

Like c’mon people. Do you know what form is? or Color for that matter? It is the essence of the human shape that you are trying to delegate here. Each collection did have a few pieces that screamed high end, but then you were utterly discouraged by the rest of what you saw. I was diggin’ the draped sweaters from WRKDEPT, and most of the collection from KQK. They could be a little less boyish with their tailoring but I liked the asymmetrical skirts, and the sleek coats. As for Vfranz, what else can we say but that at least we know he’ll bring some controversy, if not an amazing  collection to come with it. Being the girly girl that I am deep down inside I wasn’t the biggest fan of this season, but loved me some IDFWU while the models walked out embroidered in Basic bitch logos, and #blogthis hashtags. His message was very clear. Rep it boi!

As for my event bf he is a die hard fan of Elisa C-Rossow’s structured and timeless cuts. I’ll be the first to admit that she consistently puts out a prêt-à-porter high end custom collection for women portraying a strong artistic identity.

Tonight is round 2 so you can expect o see my round up tomorrow afternoon. I am hoping to see more haute gamme today. Will keep ya posted. Follow me on insta and twitter for live deets @sexypartyanimal 😛