The lack of fashion events is increasingly apparent in Montreal but not in a state that everything is at a stalemate. A foundation that once existed, is dissipating and migrating to brighter lights, bigger cities.
The organization of events surrounding the presentation of collections has completely changed from semi-annual gatherings on a large scale format, to now become two events orchestrated separately occurring only once each year on a more intimate set up. With much legwork ahead of them in their journeys to redefine the promotion of the hard work local designers create, questions still remain as to a clear answer in reversing the decline pattern.
Fashion Preview enters its 2nd edition under the direction of Lolli Communications founder Emanuela Lolli, a woman I admire for taking a hands on approach by  staying clear of bureaucratic issues and personally discussing with the designers to come up with a solution. Fashion Preview will happen this week in the galleries of the Old Port’s Centre Phi, hosting a new mix for the SS15 presentations.
Over a two day span Montreal icons Philippe Dubuc and Denis Gagnon will respectively open and close the event which welcomes a range of talent including Brit Wacher, Marie-Eve Lecavalier, and Leinad Beaudet with returning favourites Pedram Karimi, Elisa C-Rossow, and D-Moment discovery KQK.
(Wednesday October 8th – Thursday October 9th)
16h00 : Philippe Dubuc boutique @ 417 St-Pierre.
Philippe Dubuc, in collaboration with black tea serving, courtesy of Camellia Sinensis.
17h00 : Fashion shows start
17h30 : KQK
18h30 : Pedram Karimi
19h30 : Leinad Beaudet
20h30 : Brit Wacher
16h30 : Installation éphémère (cancelled)
17h30 : Marie-Ève Lecavalier
18h30 : Elisa C-Rossow
19h30 : Denis Gagnon
Hurry on up! The space allocated will fill up quickly. Purchase your entry here.