Fashion Preview is a non-profit organization with a goal of enhancing the visibility of Montreal’s fashion designers on local, national and international medias and also to attract fashion buyers.

Last week March 27, 28 & 29 – Fashion Preview #7 hosted over 30 Montreal fashion designers that showcased their Fall/Winter 2017-2018 collections. Each day opened with “The Future of Fashion”: shows presented by LaSalle College, the École de Mode du Cégep Marie-Victorin and École Supérieur de Mode of ESG-UQAM.

I personally attended the shows of the 29th: École Supérieure de Mode ESG-UQAM, COLLAGE Fashion, Robert Atelier and MARKANTOINE. Even though Montreal has an abundance of experimental and exciting new upcoming designers, without a doubt my favourite designer was MARKANTOINE Lynch Boisvert (a graduate of Université du Québec à Montréal). His sense of what is fresh/nouveau globally at the moment is very present in his collection. He showcased surprising textures such as neon-yellow palettes giving an almost latex illusion and for a Fall/Winter show, I was happily surprised to see some pungent colours of orange – who said Fall has to be dull?

A must-have piece for women is his large & stylish version of a fanny pack which is tied around the waist as a long bow – much like a belt. I would say this would be an all-year-round accessory to funk-up any outing. I’m obsessed with his oversized shorts, hoodies, jackets, coats and bags for men, not to mention the great music tracks used during the show itself such as “Johny” by Sofi Tukker. He is someone to keep an eye on for the future.

MARKANTOINE might just be Montreal’s very own version of next generation Yeezy genius.

The Fashion Preview also showcased Pop-up installations, displaying new interactive technologies but also pieces of recycled fur. We do tend to forget that Québec has a strong fur culture/legacy which shouldn’t be forgotten nor put aside in fashion of the future especially if we can recycle and create something new and beautiful from it. Fur is and will always be sexy but I do agree that we should all try to look for either recycled fur or even faux fur options which there are plenty of very stylish brands out there.

The Accessories Village at Fashion Preview showcased many local brands but the 3 that caught my attention…

…in particular, were: Shoe Shoe Bags, Gibou and Love & Beyond.

Shoe Shoe Bags is a girls dream come true. Are you the woman who puts her shoes in plastic bags when you pack for trips? Please, this is a no-go and thanks to Shoe Shoe Bag we don’t even have to bother with clumsy, large sneaker bags trying to protect our beloved stilettos, heels, and pumps. FINALLY, there is a company who figured out that women NEED special bags for their many different feet wear. You wouldn’t want to dirty, or God forbid, scratch your clothes in your luggage, would you? Shoe Shoe Bag makes breathable bags for any type of heel and the care guide is also user-friendly. So don’t fret, zip them eye-candies up in their very own little separate pouches and off you go in style and peace of mind while you globetrot around. They are perfect for gifts. For the men out there listen up carefully – this Christmas when you surprise your woman with her dream shoes, why not switch out the stocking for a Shoe Shoe Bag to pleasantly surprise her. You’ll thank me later.

Love & Beyond is a lingerie line for wild souls. They will be launching their website next month and is a new local brand of lingerie with a touch of a free spirit. It is bohemian chic with its many lace options. If you think lace holds not much support, this brand will prove you wrong and lace is sexy at any age if well paired with your outfit. Lace can be highly classy if designed and worn the proper way.  These pieces might be more suitable for a date-night, a special occasion or if you want some added attention. I believe they will soon get quite popular with the hipster chic crowd that is a part of our beloved Montreal’s vibrating soul.

Gibou is another trendy winter accessory you should own and especially when they are hand-knit by local retirees. Their products are made with locally supplied Canadian wool and complemented by the highest grade of recycled fur. They have their own version of the popular pom-pom hats that became a trend last winter, adding the brilliant touch of being able to detach your fur pom and switch it onto any colour tuque. Now that’s a way to not only stay warm but to be ever surprisingly matching with any outfit you already have in your closet. What could be a more thoughtful gift, knowing you are supporting our local retirees.

Fashion Preview has seen 7 editions of seasonal collection previews since their launch in 2014. The non-profit organization continues to grow with each edition pulling in sold-out crowds for their events. Stick with the Best Kept family and follow Fashion Preview around the net to stay in the know!