I popped into the Rialto Theater on Wednesday night. It was the 11th edition of Fashion Pop. One of Pop Montreal‘s many sub-pops. And I say, it was popping!

(Sorry I had to!)

Fashion Pop

Every year, POP Montreal organizes a competition for emerging artists in Montreal’s fashion scene, Fashion Pop.

Due to collaborations, in 2017 editorial photography was integrated.

10 chosen designers displayed a critical and immersive fashion creation surrounding the theme “True Self/Projected Self”.

Consequently, the sister competition had to interpret the same theme through editorial fashion photography. The whole was presented by TheFinePrint Magazine.

Without further ado, our lucky winners are…

Flame-coloured paradise for me darling

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Matt Shelest, a 2017 spring Graduate of LaSalle College. His winning creation was his graduating project at his school on “Speculative Design”. Choosing the horrid world of politics as his inspiration, he deconstructed the business suit. Imitating the glitches of a broken tv screen, somewhat of a peek into the imperfect of a perfectly portrayed world. The title of the collection being, “Smile Your on Camera: A Desire for Transparency”.


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Alexandre Faulkner, a self-taught photographer. Faulkner portrayed a raw depiction of young adults at, what looks like the usual after party. Most have gone, some still drinking, some horny, others passed out or about to. Title: Monthly Payment. We’ve all been there…

You will want to see the whole editorial spread which will be in the next edition of TheFinePrint Magazine. If you don’t know the magazine, don’t feel bad. Quite new, they have 3 editions out. Therefore you have time to read them all before the next one is published. It’s a great independent visual guide with one of a kind content on rethinking perspectives.

Thank you to Pop Montreal organizers and Fashion pop deliverers and all who came to support.

Thanks to all the beautiful people I met as well! Here I’m with Andrew McNally of Journal de Montréal and Carrie MacPherson from eatdrinkbecarrie.com

xo, Lily