Fashion POP is an annual fashion event in collaboration with POP Montreal music festival. This is a night dedicated to emerging Canadian talents battling for the Young Designers Award presented by Shopify, along with the grand prize which includes a 1,000$ cash prize, an editorial with, a 1 year online store at Shopify, and tons of POP Montreal extras. This year’s designers are:
  • Mariana Mustapic, whose line Ruzica is influenced by the art and design of her native Argentina and Canada, where she was raised;
  • Marie-Ève Lecavalier, whose creations evoke themes of movement, gesture, and randomness;
  • Rachel Denkers, whose sustainable fashion line No Neko is a collection of unique and timeless primarily knit pieces;
  • Katarzyna Agnieszka & Wesley Burness, whose line Eolith returns to organic shapes, blurring the lines between menswear and womenswear;
  • Paulina Wonders, with a focus on unconventional beauty standards and an artisanal approach;
  • Bianca Charneau, who approaches the garment as a medium, and fashion as an art form.
 In case you are unfamiliar with POP Montreal… it started as a non profit international music festival based around the Canadian pop culture scene over 13 years ago. Their mission is to give emerging artists of various musical genres the chance to expose themselves easily and freely. It’s a great place as well for people, whom perhaps like me, are not into the “mainstream” pop culture scene and are always striving to find something new and refreshing to hear or see!
So, of course, with pop culture comes… Fashion!!! And with that comes tonight’s annual Fashion POP party. A hostess with the mostest, this year we are to be graced with none other than one of Canada’s top industry models, Irina Lazareaunu along side the incredibly talented home based musician, Beaver Sheppard.  With the highclass caliber of Irina and the hippy essence they both possess, I have a feeling this is going to be a good one.
The judging panel will consist of 5 well known and highly success Canadian fashion enthusiasts including Genevieve Borne, Eva freide, Hailey Coleman from Shopify, Patricia Gajo from Global TV, and last years big winner, Christina Julien.
This will be a night of fresh talent and upscale fashion with what I think will be a chill, laid back yet stylish attitude. And don’t forget, POP Montreal runs between now and Sunday; make sure to add this 1 to your event schedule 😉