I had the honour of attending TNT boutiques big bash on behalf of RKloset.com. 3 words: Blow.My.Mind! Did I not fall in love with this boutique? Oh, I fell in love alright!!
This being my first time stepping foot into TNT (The New Trend), I was pleasantly surprised with what I discovered. It is very hard to find upscale boutiques nowadays with all these mass producing companies like forever21’s and H&M popping up on every other corner. People have lost the taste for quality and have become consumed and obsessed with the idea of quantity. What people don’t realize is that we lose our appreciation for our purchases simply because we depreciate the value of them. It’s like sex. The more we saw of it, the less it did for us. Everyone has become so desensitized to everything!
WELL this is a boutique that’s biting the bullet and keeping it classy! If you are shopping here, I suggest you do not come with a budget of 100$ and expect to get much. This 2 storey boutique is dedicated to fashion connoisseurs and big spenders, not small budget buyers. But with those jaw dropping price tags comes top of the line clothing. If you are a hipster with a nice seasonal budget then I suggest you get over there, you will be in grandpa sweater heaven :p
To celebrate the launch of RKloset.com, a lifestyle website, Rupert Kupfert and the owners of TNT Montreal decided to pair up with social candy, Rose Pr, and Brahm Mauer bar service to offer you a cute little night of cocktails, discounts, music and manicures (compliments of M-Salon). One of Montreal’s hottest chick deejays, Fafa Khan, was on site spinning the sexy, deep tunes that we love. If you don’t know of her then you DEF need to. Shes one of our best.
And if all this wasn’t enough, on top of the 20% off they were offering to all shoppers, with every purchase made you were given still another bonus prize that was hidden within the party balloons. Who knows what kind of goodies people were getting, but I was SO tempted to make a purchase just so that I could pop a balloon!
It really was a fun night. With delicious drinks (thanks laurence), yummy food from JavaU, amazing atmosphere and beautiful clothing.  Koodos to the team at TNT, and I wish you all the best on another year of swankiness.