Beurd Streetwear Pronounces Making Montreal Proud

I attended Festival Mode & Design this past Saturday for one of my fave local designers—Beurd streetwear! When I first arrived I noticed that the layout of the whole festival was different than what it has been for the past few years. The stage was now closer to Saint Catherine Street, on Quartier des Spectacles. And the VIP tent just next to it. To be honest I was pretty disappointed in the stage set up change because I felt that it made the stage look smaller and less impressive then it has been in the past. Also the VIP media tent placement wasn’t ideal to see what was happening on stage. It was on ground level, while in past years it was on a higher platform, putting you at level or higher than the runway, which I prefer.  And ground level I was looking up at the models. Kinda of a downer! Anyways!

Beurd specialize in original all over prints, and streetwear styles. Now listen… I’m all about streetwear as you all must know by now. Street wear is my jam, especially Montreal street wear. And I’m so down with all over prints! As a graphic designer I create them on a daily! I guess to be perfectly honest, I didn’t see as much street wear vibes as I would have liked to with Beurd. There were a few cool 80s/90s hiphop vibe hoodies and sweater which a gals got mad love for. The first look to come out was so In Living colour circa 1990! But the rest of the collection felt very beachy with flamingo, palm trees printed button up shirts and turquoise pants. And don’t get me wrong, I’m down with a whole lot of turquoise. I just didn’t feel it embodies the city look. I know it’s summer and all but I guess I didn’t get much Montreal flavour from it. At least not as much as I was expecting. In fact it was very surfer/ Cali vibes. Especially since some of the models were carrying surf boards haha! Did I miss something? As diverse as Montreal is, I’m nearly positive that there is no surf of any kind in this lovely city. It could very well be clothing meant to wear while traveling on vacation. But if I were purchasing Montreal made apparel, I would really want it to represent Montreal!  I guess I feel like the promotion for Beurd was giving me more of a feeling like it would be more urban streetwear. It seems like a style for the more younger crowd.

The models were carrying lamps and potted plants. I guess I’m failing to grasp the concept over all. But I must say the models energy were very joyful and bubbly. They smiled and waved at the crowed, threw t-shirts and interacted with each other. Which is refreshing and nice to see.

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Beurd Streetwear makes a statement for the Autumn Collection

Maybe Beurd Fall collection is more my cup of tea! After looking on Beurd social media pages and online store, I found more pieces and branding that suits my taste. I would have really liked to see more colour block clothing, but I really must say that I liked the energy of the models rocking the clothing. They seemed like a real team and real friends. I love to see that in any kind of show!

The Fashion & Design Festival also showed the designs of Vincent d’Amerique. Be sure to check out his Poetic Depth here.