What are THE latest denim styles for fall 2013? Let’s first begin with a brief history on denim jeans which have come a long way since their humble hard-working beginnings. Originally the first pairs were made for the Genoese Navy in the in the 1500s and then popularized by Levi Strauss during the 1870s gold rush. The robust cotton-twill fabric has been reinvented countless ways since its arduous beginnings.

From surfing the net I was able to identify the top picks to a modern look – for women. Men you’re next on my list! Here’s BandMark’s breakdown of the popular styles.

1. Distressed Signal

The shredded, tattered and torn look conveys comfort and authenticity. The wash is light and faded with a loose and relaxed fit and look as though they’ve been potentially snagged from a boyfriend’s closet.

2. Piece of Work

Essentially a stylish use of jean scraps, updating simple denim basics with patches and sewn-together strips for a DIY appeal. Having a pair of skinny jeans divided by a dark and lighter wash.

3. Borrowed from the Boys

A relaxed slightly over sized fit typically snatched from your boyfriend’s bedpost! These simple, clean and aesthetic jeans are made for girls who want to borrow from the boys and still look feminine.

4. Parisian Chic

This look is all about deeper denim tones that give off a classy and dressier look than lighter wash jeans. Modern French women have naturally made this robust fabric look effortlessly chic, with matchstick jeans as the foundation of their daily uniform.

5. The Canadian Tuxedo

Simply put, it’s wearing a denim top paired with denim jeans, also known as a “denim sandwich” a fashion faux-pas! Each piece of denim must have a slightly different wash. Otherwise your’re  in for double the trouble!

6. The New Crop

The new place to show off a little skin is right around the ankles. First appearing in the form of tailored trousers in the pre-fall presentations, this season’s cropped silhouette is slim and fitted with a slight flare near the hem.

For more info on how to wear and where to purchase these styles visit Flare.