Another year has gone by and the last thing you want to do is NOT stick to your resolutions, right? You do not want to set yourself up for disappointment and failure. Don’t worry, it wasn’t your fault you screwed up in 2015 as you were without this trusty guide! (If you did manage to stick to your 2015 resolutions – well hats off to you my friend). I have made a FAIL proof check off list, to make sure your resolutions get resolved without a hitch! All you need to do, is make sure that you can answer a hard YES to all the criteria below.

1. Is it something within your control. Don’t be a fool and resolve to meet your soulmate, you have no control over that. Instead, you can resolve to work on the areas you might feel are blocking your soulmate. I know a workaholic for example, who doesn’t understand why his relationships are always so short. The girls get fed up that they are always priority number two. A good resolution for him, would be more down time.

2. Is it too big of a step? A common resolution for women is to get their dream body as soon as the clock strikes midnight. Fed up with years of past weight loss resolutions gone to sh*t; instead of giving themselves a realistic goal, they want to make up for lost time. “I am going to lose 50 pounds this winter! Join Curves, make turkey burgers on romaine buns!” Instead, opt for a realistic goal and don’t hold the past against your future. You have a clean slate. Pick a realistic small step like losing 8 pounds in January and then set a new more long term goal like next 20. (P.S I am aiming to lose 10 in January, just 10!)

3. Is it something that can be done without too many additional steps? It is hard enough under the heavy weight of resolution to get to step 1. If your resolution requires too many steps like for example building your own airplane- you may want to keep that more of a bucket list goal and allocate your yearly resolution for a more immediate goal. For example: tasking a scheduled date night to prevent a busy couple from turning into 2 passing ships in the night.

4. Is it possible? Some people use resolutions to reach the impossible. I’m not being negative here, there are things in life you will be able to do like learn Spanish and things you will never be able to do like do the splits (Yes, there are people who cannot do side splits because of a fairly common hip joint deformity called coxa vara.)

5. Is it something inline with your current life goals or against the grain? It will be harder to resolve to do something that will bring a lot of maintenance that is not part of your long term life habits. For example, learning to cook when you eat out 3 times a day is somewhat futile. Someone who eats every meal out is very unlikely to ever want to shop, cook and clean.. While you might break this skill out once a year at a dinner party, it’s best to have resolutions that can become part of your new life.

Good luck and good going, no one will live your life for you GO GO GO! Let us know your resolutions in the comments!

Love Foxylee and the BandMark team