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Facebook Insights | Gets a facelift

Facebook Insights | Gets a facelift

Facebook Insights | Gets a facelift 1

The guesswork is over! The upgrade benefits us all. Thanks to Facebook’s latest upgrade of Insights you can now easily determine the best time to post content on your fan page – without having to guesstimate. You can now easily figure out how Facebook impacts your content strategy and posting schedule.

Is this a game changer? It sure is! You can say goodbye to broad stats based on one coast! To this day, social media statistics were based on East Coast behavioral patterns (ie. time zone and denser population). But what if  most of your fans are from elsewhere? Well, up until now you probably figured it out on your own or with costly analytical tools!

Why the upgrade now? It most definitely came from all the bitching and ranting that has gone on from Facebook’s big advertisers, marketers and shareholders who most likely want to see their pricey stock climb to new expensive heights :/

Watch the video tutorial below and see how easy it is to view key analytical data about your fan page. No more downloading and wasting paper analyzing fan page data spreadsheets – unless of course you really want to. We here @ BandMark find the new Facebook interface way more user-friendly. After watching the video, feel free to share or leave us a comment!

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