There are 3 things that a lot of people do not know about Facebook’s new Social Graph, time stamps and really how visible your profile is since a lot of NEW privacy changes were made this Fall…  Let’s get one thing straight though, if you are a very private person, having a Facebook account is probably not compatible for you. The platform is now designed to gather as much information as possible about your interests, your friends (and ever since the promoted post Advertising feature) especially your friends OF friends and I will explain why and what you can do to limit the effects of those changes and conduct your digital ego in alignment with your privacy comfort level. The more that what you share, comment and like is visible to friends of friends, the deeper Facebook can target you in an Ad campaign it’s that simple. It has nothing to do with helping YOU meet new friends or anything positive you may have imagined!

1. Time stamps/ Active status

This is of particular importance if you have a job where you are simply not supposed to be on Facebook at all or rarely! Let’s say you are a judge and you are in the middle of a court case. Even if you do not login to Facebook, if you click on any notifications from your FB messenger app (which is in perma login unless you keep logging out) you will get a very accurate time stamp. Great if you’re suspected of having committed a murder at that time but not so great if you are supposed to be NOT online.

Solution: Only browse Facebook on your mobile, if you are willing to get a time stamp of last time active (after 4 hours your stamp disappears). IF you go on-line via a browser on a computer like Chrome or FireFox FB can no longer time stamp you as this is only possible via mobile at this point in time.

2. Why people see everything you comment and like and what you can do to limit the range.

Ever notice that sometimes you will make a comment on a friend’s wall and another friend of yours who is NOT friends with that person will either like the comment or Add to it?  How did that person notice your comment? Because the friend whose wall you posted on had their status set to either public or friends of friends (a custom drop down which looks like a gear) When you comment or like something you see, the range of visibility for that time line activity has to do with what the original poster has chosen.

Solution: There is no solution except to be aware of what the original status is programmed to do. If the status is on friends only – whatever you like and comment will only appear for that person’s friends not all of your friends and their friends of friends or the general public.

3. Limiting older posts to friends only.

This one is pretty creepy. If you have not gone into your privacy drop down and chosen to limit your past posts to friends only, it means strangers can go through your entire Facebook history since you were FB born!

Solution: Simply change it with this awesome Gizmodo tutorial