So yes, K Rock IS BACK this weekend with a vengeance and the infamous BestKeptMTL F1 guide. It is surreal that I have already been living in London now for almost half a year. It was a bit of a rough start, but with some helping hands and an angel sent from god, I was able to get my feet on the ground and start running.

And now finally settled, I brought back my London life A.K.A the rest of my wardrobe! It would only make sense to return on the HOTTEST weekend of the year. From the opening of Mural festival to the Formula 1 Grand Prix celebrations, you can’t get a better mix of the highclass & badass lifestyle.

Thursday June 7th 2018  

1- Mural Fest opening night w/ @ playboi carter (FREE EVENT)

I remember the first edition as if it were yesterday. Small, low key, yet still out of this world. I am an avid Art Basal attendee, so when I saw that Montreal was on top of curating an event similar to the ever so famous badal, I knew it was going to become internationally recognized. I knew this creative venture was  going nowhere for the Landmrk and Saintwoods team. And I was 100% right! Montreal is a hub for artists, and has really been put on the map for our visionary development of the urban art and music scene. Montreal is one of the few cities in the world that has openly embraced the graffiti and street art scene instead of shunning it and stunting the development of such a sick form of art. I’ll be there a bit all weekend but Thursday is going to be a BIG ONE.

It's-a me, Mario! 🍄 By @trusticon 📍 London, UK 📷 @libra_310

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2- Seasalt & Ceviche – F1 Edition

What WAS literally my weekly jam, you best believe that I will be at Seasalt & Ceviche upon my homecoming to do it like I used to do it every Thursday night. They are bringing the heat with some F1 action that includes a specially designed Formula 1 menu and an exclusive availability of a limited edition Armand de Brignac champagne which is one of the only 2 box sets in Canada supposedly. Bottles being running high on these limited editions a 11G’s for the boxset. BUT, we all know this place will sell those badboys out real quick… IF THEY HAVEN’T ALREADY.

Friday june 8th 2018

1- Soubois w/ DJ SPADE

Keeping it a little more low key this night around. And by low key I just mean no red carpets and ball gowns, but still hitting up DJ Spade @ Soubois none the less. You may  even find me there Thursday there too as their whole weekend is seriously out of control. Three nights filled with awesome beats by some sick ass international headliners and… Guy Laliberte on deck. Check it.

Faces that cut through the crowd. #PeopleInFrame

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Saturday June 9th 2018

1- Moet city @ Auberge saint Gabriel

If you were there last year, then you remember how insane this party was. New year, new theme, but still an absolute must attend. Auberge Saint Gabriel is a must throughout your weekend being the official events location for Formula 1, this is the place to see and be seen. I need not say anymore. See you there.

2- Peel Paddock on Peel Street

Peel Paddock is another must attend day party as it has been a very popular destination for quite a few years now and just seems to get bigger & better year after year. You can expect to hear some of your favorite local Dj’s and party with some of the hottest people in town.  It isn’t too far from the Free Cresent street festivities as well if that is your vibe so it makes for a PERFECT AFTERNOON.

3- The red carpet @ Le Richmond

The highlight of our glamorous F1 infused weekend Is the red carpet gala at Le Richmond. A relatively new annual event, it is rather refreshing because at one point or another all the red carpet affairs seemed to have generally faded off the map.

Even though they have a weekend full of luxury events, their gentlemens club concept is a whole other story, myself I will be there Saturday canoodling with local celebs, photographers and socialites alike. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us this year because last year was a STAR STUDDED GALA.

4- Bar George

With the hottest F1 kickoff partying happened here last night in honor of Dress To Kill magazine’s big birthday bash, they are keeping the party alive and hosting a seriously fire night on Saturday as well. With a fire team if promoters, the kings of nightlife if you will, and some awesome musical selections from the local and international scene, this night is one not to be missed.

Sunday june 10th 2018 – The grande Finale

As the official final night of partying harder than I have in 4 months you can expect to see me at a variety of places. I will first and foremost be starting my evening at piknic elektinic because it is a MUST DO since it will be the only one of the year that I will have the chance to attend. Then I will balance my night between the top 2 closing parties of the F1 weekend, the official closing party Code20 being held at the imfamous La Voute and Of course Auberge Saint Gabriel for their annual closing party. Between the 2 of them, the night with be nothing nut star studded and the morning will be a champagne blur of how I survived my weekend back home.