We’re proud to present the EVVY’s newest single, “Collide”, a summer anthem for cool drinks and new lovers, this song is brimming with driving percussion and soaring synths. Collide was written and produced by Mickey Valen and The King, along with EVVY and singer-songwriter Lyon Hart known for his evocative lyrics and pop focused melodies.  Written on two continents – from the sandy beaches of Long Island Sound and the candlelit lofts of Manhattan to the wine-soaked hotel rooms of Paris – this internationally crafted pop gem is truly poised to raise EVVY to the heights of the next great international pop sensation.

EVVY is perfect for POLYDOR, she’s cute and young and beyond refreshing. She has that trendy beach chique French riviera look and she sounds like what a French Martini would sound like if it had the most adorable speakers somehow hooked into it! I love artists who have gone far in their branding without big agency work. It shows that they respect their image. A lot of musicians think they will redo their image when they get famous but they just don’t realize how many great brands aka bands, a music reviewer receives in a day.  At some point I will take a screenshot of my a.m inbox to show you the reality of a SMALL blog’s submission pile – imagine what STEREOGUM or LARGEHEARTEDBOY receives daily!