So 3 of my good friends are in Los Angeles right this very moment! They were all in different parts actually (San Francisco, Salinas, Downtown L.A) but they met up and I miss them and I can’t wait to see an INSTAGRAM of them all together.. I was tempted to go down myself but I have had too much work to leave 🙁

So who cares right? Why does it matter that everyone is in California but me? Well I have had a long romance with this state. I was first exposed to it as a very small child in the late 70s. My parents were very artsy and into self discovery so they went down to try PRIMAL therapy! Yes the one that all the rock stars have written about.. the one that John Lennon made famous in the San Francisco Herald. While they were there, my brother went to Santa Monica junior and I went to a Spanish daycare. Since my parents both took off work they had the whole day to take us to the beach so I still have vivid beach like memories of pink skies and cold wet hair in the breeze. We had this big orange rocking chair and lots of white vinyl boxes. My mom’s hair was really long (and being olive skinned and sporting lots of trendy head scarves and sunglasses)  people thought she was Cher more than once. (Cher before all that weird surgery!) My dad let his hair grow for the first time since his “corporate life” I remember noticing that and Marcus, my brother was a surf addict, often coming home very late at night. A lot of these memories are of my family telling me their memories too. When we moved back, I asked my parents where the ocean went? So they got me a wall mural of ocean and painted my room sand colored and framed the mural with what looked like deck wood. Pretty cool parents huh!

As soon as I had enough $ to travel on my own in my early 20s well guess where I went back. Back to California. Over and over again Venice, West Hollywood, Paolo alto, the Hills. A good friend of mine at the time had family there which made the trips really affordable too. I last went there a few years ago to visit a good friend I met here who lives there now. Every time I go I find clothing that I simply cannot find anywhere else like vintage dusty blue cowboy boots in Melrose or surf shirts made of bamboo silk on Venice. I meet really wild characters, find more favorite rocks,  and also come back with a cold! Damn smog is my only complaint. Often my trip is so good though that every time I cough I think of my nice little vacation lol…

It’s funny how travel is because this year my business partner went down for the first time, my friend Julia went for the first time. My other 2 friends Andre and Deb are Cali senior peeps haha not so much visitors. Andre’s dad lives in San Fran and Deb well lives there. So.. I guess that is why this year I didn’t go. I feel like a lot of my energy got there anyways through my good friends.