If you love EDM, and more specifically techno and house you may have heard of Ancient Future Festival in Old Port Montreal.

During the day the festival grounds are relatively quiet. This past weekend in the shadow of the clock tower at Le Quai de l’Horlage the usually quiet waterfront was transformed into the Utopian festival of Ancient Future.

Some local acts kept the beat going at the stages while in the Dome of Eden festival goers can enjoy performances of live body painting and theatre yoga. As night settles in, it feels as if you have left the city. The lights from the stages and thrum of the beat took over your senses.

The decor throughout the festival was quite interesting. With ribbons through the trees, funky stage designs, and impressive light shows Illuminating the night.

As I moved between stages giant stilted entities dressed all in white blessed us with their ethereal presence, and body-painted and costumed festival goers were not out of the ordinary.

As the clock struck 11, Ancient Future Festival moved to Hangar 16.

Enter the deep dark world of progressive techno and house.

The steel pillars, concrete floors, and dark lighting all work perfectly together to bring the vibe of an underground rave. The sound quality was fantastic for such a large venue and every DJ laid down an impressive set.

The standout Artist for me was internationally recognized tech-house guru Victor Ruiz. His seamless transitions and progressive style put the crowd in a trance right till close. Accompanied by mind-bending stage performers who manipulated their bodies and instruments to the bass, the spectacle in its entirety was transfixing.

The combination of good music and otherworldly stage performances worked in perfect synchronicity, stealing us away from our normal world.

The ever-changing world of EDM has many styles and concepts, each one boasting its own vibe and crowd.

Ancient Future embodies a niche in the scene that I had never explored before, and I’m sure many of you haven’t either.

Still in its early years, there is always room for improvement but I hope to see this festival grow to become a staple among Montreal’s Festival scene.