Since its foundation, the local collective Let’s Bond aims to make an impact in helping those suffering from mental illness by promoting awareness and acceptance, organizing engaging events, and by providing financial support to leading foundations working within the field – The Mental Illness Foundation and The Douglas Institute Foundation. 

No matter what the occasion, destination, celebration or cause. It’s a challenge to set any event or function apart from past productions and to ensure it doesn’t simply become another gathering of guests, without impact. Best kept MTL’s mission is picking out the best, most unique ones that fall in line with En Vogue avec Holt, a brilliantly conceived, innovative and expertly orchestrated fundraiser.

Last year, Let’s Bond successfully raised $20,000 for the 1st edition of ”En Vogue Avec Holt” 

Let's Bond
Image by Sebastien Roy

What can one expect from the fabulous soirée? An exclusive shopping experience where guests can socialize while enjoying delicious cocktails, creative bouchées, and delectable desserts – all to the beats of DJ Thomas H.

Prepare to be pampered with the various on-site beauty stations; complimentary hairstyling, manicures, eyebrow shaping, and, on-site makeup artists! LB hasn’t forgotten about the men – expect various complimentary barber services & even a vintage shoe shining station! Oh, and there’s more… a flash fashion show, live artistic paintings, the list goes on.

All the profits generated from ticket sales, as well as 10% of all store sales, are donated to the foundation.

It all takes place this Wednesday, May 3rd from 6 pm to 9 pm (Holt Renfrew, 1300 Sherbrooke St. West).

Tickets for Let’s Bond can be found right here.