As a digital media manager, I was drawn to look over the latest research on the subject of 5G and the actual dangers of EMF radiation. Now when I do research, I filter out the click bait journalism and social media broken telephone chatter. Let’s be clear, when 5G starts taking over cities, people wont all drop dead – but people will get sicker and this has been proven in many solid bodies of evidence which I will share with you at the end of my blog. For now, let’s lighten the tone and focus on how we can protect ourselves in easy and affordable ways.

Not all plants were created equally when it comes to absorbing harmful EMF waves. It’s important that you get the right plants and place them at the right distances. If you place them too close to an EMF source, they may actually die! About 2 feet away or more is ideal. Cacti, even baby ones, are amazing sponges for all forms of radiation including EMF. Their ability to hold water for months has given them an unparalleled ability to also hold negative energy. They are one of few plants that are capable of doing so without harm on themselves as well. Years of evolving in the hot desserts has made these spiky friends warriors against the sun’s and all radiation damage. 1 cactus is highly recommended for your work desk. Aloe Vera, is another big EMF fighter along with the classic spider plant. If you are plant picky, you can just place 3 of any plants within a few feet of your desk either on the floor, on the desk itself or hanging near by.

This is your best protection if you can afford it. We actually found an amazing wellness site that provides a discount to their readers for one of the best shielding stickers on the market and they deliver to Canada. Their patents and research is solid. The stickers are my birthday present for this year and what I love about this company is they send you 5 stickers so that you can pretty much protect up to 5 devices. The science is quite simple,The xZubi Disc utilizes para-magnetic properties to attenuate and mitigate electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phones and other electronic devices that we use every day. If that was too nerdy, the stickers basically are more appealing to the radiation as a destination than YOU. The sticker not only attracts the radiation, it then re-organizes its emitting pathways so that we are no longer receiving the rays head on.

Like plants, these rocks are capable of attracting radiation and in fact thrive with it. They form in conditions where a lot of different gases and natural radiation is already occurring and they have an amazing ability (true scientific ability not just new age) to negate the damage. How? First of all you need to make sure they get hot. A pile of the rocks will not do anything. When the gentle heat from a lamp (or candle burner) warms the crystal, they then emit a negative electrical charge, thus ionizing our atmosphere and interacting with our own bio-energetic field, and helping to neutralize harmful EMF radiation. They have such a unique capacity to neutralize harmful EMF radiation that I recommend having one at your work station. I love the candle holding ones. I light one every morning as I check my inbox.

This is a simple task because you should be eating healthy anyways. The list of foods and spices that help protect against EMF radiation is an exhaustive one, so I have found a good resource. Why not pick a few of your favourite foods here and start incorporating more of them into your diet. Immediately, I thought of curries which right away contain 5 foods and spices on the list! 

This one should be obvious by now and EMF dangers are well known. The long term effects are still being researched but so far we know from the current studies, as well as the actual instructions from cell phone companies, that being close to your smartphone is dangerous. 1 simple solution is having the phone on speaker and also not keeping the device in pockets or close to the body. Bluetooth accessories have limited research data but a lot is pointing to them also being harmful – so the trendy bluetooth speakers that you may think are protecting you could be just as bad as your phone, if not worse. Have a traditional cordless phone? They are probably the worst on the list. The base generates enough EMF to kill a goldfish nearby.

Don’t believe the dangers of EMF radiation? A science project initiated by high school kids, that has begun to draw international attention, involved them planting 2 sets of seeds beside unprotected devices vs protected. The results were astounding and I myself tried the experiment by placing herbs by my computer vs away and near a salt rock candle. Guess which herbs died? Not convinced? Here is some reading I suggest you do before you gamble with your health.

30Years of WHO Studies here
How EMF is killing the insects worldwide
Cell Phone link with cancer FACT SHEET

While you are integrating more plants into your lifestyle to protect against harmful EMF radiation, why not start with an indoor herb garden! 

Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.” ~J. Stanford
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