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The Elwins | Sometimes Toronto is cool!

The Elwins | Sometimes Toronto is cool!

Being from Montreal we laugh at those who move to Toronto.  We accuse them of  having sold their soul to the rat race or given up their dreams of being a an unemployed hipster living happily between Unemployment benefits and artist grants. We secretly think that no one from Toronto can actually BE COOL. We figure they might be sort of o.k but we would probably find them boring.  Too polite or too anal or CANADIAN.  We are pretty certain that they bring home the bacon yet are culture starved. This is all the ugly truth – except when it comes to music. There is a “Toronto is cool” exception for music. We understand that Toronto is the entertainment capital of Canada. We do not really think this is fair as our artist population feels like half of all humans – but then we are reminded that EVERYONE thinks they are an artist in Montreal. In-fact many who were not artists in other cities flock to Montreal knowing they can most def be one here!

Sometimes Toronto is cool and The Elwins proves that for me, at least this week. Cool lyrics, a solid 60s inspired indie-music portfolio and a recent record deal that is sure to skyrocket them to the big league.  Fave song is “On Your Door Step” it’s pretty cute in a stalker kind of way. It used to be cute when a guy just showed up on your doorstep because he HAD to see you, but now it’s creepy and women call the authorities because really he should have TEXTED first. Hidden Pony Records is a great label. We knew them from Elephant Stone and Imaginary Cities (2 bands who seem to play our mini festivals a lot..)

“From the moment I first heard the new record, I knew I wanted The Elwins on Hidden Pony. This body of work is undeniable.” said the label’s president Parkside, in a statement about the deal.

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That is sort of a great thing to hear if you are the band. That your body of work in undeniable. That’s so awesomely flattering. One cannot deny how solid this band is basically and I can’t deny it either. I can’t deny it and I do not particularly like gentle male vocals. All this indie music, could be re-coined as Metrosexual music on many levels. All these polished boys with perfectly white hoodie strings and CONVERSE laces. How do they keep their clothing so clean, cleaner than girl clothing haha! But that is an entirely different blog..

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