Like many teenagers, Elle King wasn’t going to let a few cut up i.d cards from mom’s scissors stop her from going out to bars at 16. And while that was probably one of the minor crimes a teenaged girl is going to stress out her parents with, she learned quickly that bars had much more than bad boys and booze, they had music.

Born in Los Angeles to The daughter of SNL veteran and comic Rob Schneider and wife-at-the-time model, London King. Elle grew up between Wellston and Columbus, Ohio.  She credits her step dad who she refers to as Daddy J, as the man who got her into music and taught her how to play guitar. From very early in her music career, she started cultivating her exact accent and tonal range and says that women like Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and other ballsy female vocalists were a huge part of that.

Elle’s vocals are Etta James sharp, determined and a little devilish. There is something very Southern, and cowboy vintage about her latest album LOVE STUFF.  Musically trained, Elle is very much like a whiskey sour on the rocks. Her brave quick banjo picks are contrasted with relatable and raspy love struggle lyrics yet they don’t get cheesy. None of this waiting by the phone, girls holding hands cherry lip gloss stuff – this wild tumble weed has grown into a beautiful woman, but is definitely still a tomboy inside and you can hear it in her music.

Listen to Ex’s and Oh’s  and before the chorus hits,  like an unfiltered cigarette, it’s clear that Elle is a chick who hangs with the boys but makes music for everyone with a rebel heart.