Caravan Palace is a blend of vintage and modern electronic music. Is there a musical style that is more joyful and infectious than Electro Swing? It is a recipe for instant dance floor madness. Its sheer musicianship and tongue in cheek swagger immediately get the crowd jumping. I for one am powerless to resist its call!

If not familiar with this genre, it combines classic swing music from the 1920s with contemporary electronic music forms like House, Hip Hop, Drum n Bass, Glitch Hop, Balkan Beat, and Dub. The juxtaposition of these elements together creates something very special. Nostalgic while still capturing the zeitgeist of our times.

It is one thing to hear a DJ spin Electro Swing. It is a whole other ball game when a full band performs it live. And in terms of live electro swing bands, no one does it better than Caravan Palace!

Described as Django Reinhardt meets Daft Punk and Vitalic, the band formed in Paris in 2006 as a three-piece when they were recruited to compose the soundtrack for a silent retro adult film.

They began releasing music on the internet to rave reviews. They expanded to a six-piece band then to an eight-piece with violin, clarinet, trombone, baritone sax, double bass, guitar, percussion, vibraphone, and electronic beats & synth. Lead vocals are provided by its charming frontwoman Zoé Colotis.

They have released four full-length albums, 18 singles, several EP’s a series of dazzling music videos on record labels such as Wagram, MVKA, and Le Plan Recordings. Their latest album Chronologic was released on August 30th on their recently formed personal record label Lone Diggers.

I cannot recommend this concert highly enough. I guarantee that you will dance your ass off! Electro Swing fans are known to show up in 1920’s fashions and be very skilled at Swing Dancing. Often featuring contortionists and burlesque dancers, the audience at these events is a key part of the show!

Evenko & Greenland present:
Caravan Palace @ Mtelus. October 7th 2019.
Doors: 6:30 PM. Show: 8:00 PM
Opening Act: Robert Robert

Caravan Palace having fun on a photo shoot

Caravan Palace

Afterall that swing dancing with Caravan Palace, take some time out to see the Chinese Lantern Festival at Parc Jean Drapeau.