I just made this for the next 5 lunches including whoever comes to the Bandmark office! A big crock pot and 15 minutes is all you need. Prepare the following on a big cutting board (I strongly recommend the jumbo $19 wooden one that hooks onto your counter top at IKEA) then u just need a decent chopping knife and…

  1. 1 big spanish onion and garlic – mince those until they are tiny squares
  2. 1/2 can of black beans and 1/2 can corn
  3. 1 bunch of Swiss chard – chopped up into pretty big pieces, like 3 inches long as it shrinks
  4. 1 pack of ground chicken
  5. Spices: A lot of cumin and red pepper – a little curry and cinnamon and whatever else u want to add!
  6. Tomato sauce – the plain kind with little salt added

So, put some cooking oil in your crock pot like olive for example and get the onions and garlic going first. As soon as they begin to brown dump your ground chicken while you chop up your chard and find your spices. Then add everything else carelessly, like just throw everything in as it doesn’t matter it will mix and simmer about. Add your tomato sauce at the end as things will cook better without it. I like a little lime also but this is optional. Now for the southwestern part – garnish with you fave hot sauce aie caramaba!!