Ok there is NO easier onion dip recipe and this one is actually good if you do it right. The key to this recipe tasting good is to use only half the soup mix and leave it over night.  The dip goes well with a plain and crunchy potato chip like a Ruffles plain or a Cape Cod black pepper or Miss Vicky’s lime and Black pepper. It is a salty recipe so no need for a salty chip.

  1. 1/2 pack of any onion soup mix (we prefer KNORR) ironically they have “dip” packs but they are not as good as the Soup ones!
  2. Batch of chives minced  -( you can even leave out this step but if u have time it’s extra yummy)
  3. 1 container of sour cream

You do not even need a bowl! Take a few spoons of sour cream and just eat it leaving a dent in your cotainer. Pour half the soup pack in this dent and mix the cream and dry soup powder with a fork. Once you see a nice even beige color, things are pretty decently mixed and you can add your minced chives. Place in fridge overnight. The  next day go to the dep and buy a nice bag of plain and relatively unsalty chips. Aaaand you’re done!