My Easy Kale Salad

It’s 2019 and the kale craze has not gone anywhere! Occasionally, this ridged green superfood makes it on the DIRTY DOZENS list, but even THAT doesn’t discourage the kale-crazed masses from rendering most kale isles out-of-stock. As I do not like the taste of kale chips and kale smoothies, I had to search long and hard for ways to eat kale that I actually like…

Easy Kale Salad

My friend Andre gave me this one in a FB comment lol… it’s a great recipe! It’s so easy and yummy too. Ready? O.k here we go. First, I should note that the Kale needs to be very crisp and fresh to welcome the soft ripe  avocado squishes. The avocado too needs to be ripe but not overly ripe, guacamole level 😉

Easy Kale Salad

  1. a batch of Kale (will feed 2!)
  2. 1 lemon or lime
  3. Little crunch of salt (I like fleur de Sel)

Directions: So, you basically put the Kale in a bowl and rip it up by hand or knife. Smash around your avocado with whatever you want, your bare hands or some sort of smooshing device lol add a little crunch of raw salt to taste and finish with a nice squeeze of 1 entire lemon or lime. The leaves should look like they have a coating of light green with the occasional happy avocado chunk! Tastes awesome, super healthy. Yai.

What is great about Avocado coated kale salad is that it’s heavy enough to be a meal. Good for those who are really into those food bowls but wanna change it up. Also great for those who want to love kale, but still find it too bitter and also those who can’t do the kale in smoothies too.

If you get on the healthy kale train and also want to get on the detox wagon to sobriety, then this a recipe you want to take along for the journey to sobriety.