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Drink & Eat | Made with Love

Drink & Eat | Made with Love

Conceptual Cocktails, fabulous food; all served together in an inspiring and creative way by top cocktail enthusiasts across the city? That about sums up the Made with Love event to be held this December 15th from 6-10pm at the SAT.

Let’s be honest, Montreal being as well known for it’s alcohol consumption as it is, it makes sense that a concept such as Made with Love was bred right here in our own little city by Pierre Olivier Trempe back in 2009.

The goal was to create an urban way of exposing the general public to the culture behind mixology. It is an artistic talent that a lot of people have yet to appreciate, and has become one of the biggest trending topics of 2014!

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A talent like such comes with an extensive palette as well as the understanding in the equilibrium of taste. It is a talent that not all people so easily acquire, myself included (even though I can make a mean drink), and takes a special kind of knowledge of alcohol and food to create such a flavourful experience for the people.

After talking with Pierre last year about his expectations and experience within the world of mixology, I was happy to hear he was extremely content with the turn out that his events have received. Made with Love has developed quickly over its 4 years of existence into a national competition with finals going as far as Mexico city, and becoming the largest competition of its kind in Canada. Expect an evening of cocktails, canapés and craziness. Make sure you do not have a busy Tuesday morning because events like these obviously happen on Mondays. I swear they do it just to f***  with our work week lol

I feel as though one day it is an industry I will be more submerged in; but for now I’ll stick to being the booze connoisseur that I am and rating these cocktails and canapés the best that I can. Be warned; this is an event created by alcohol enthusiast, and dedicated to lovers of liquor AND food akin. It is not for the amateur drinker. Bring a healthy liver and stay tuned for the outcome!
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