DRESS TO KILL: Canadian Fashion Magazine

It’s that time again when socialites turn into luxury lifestyle hunters, men upgrade their non-sports cars to V8 engines and women buy a new shiny something to go to their fave F1 party.

In a city that never sleeps, where fun is abundant, how does one find the haute debaucheries, THE one party that will not disappoint in all areas: Venue, ambiance, music, cocktails, tapas, dj crowd? Well, we found the one and although it wont be our only F1 stop this year, it will be our first and it’s our favorite.

We’ve been covering Dress to Kill (DTK) events since we launched a popular music marketing boutique and blog BandMark. Like DTK, we embraced the avant garde and edgier European influenced editorials and we too began curating outside-the-box. Since we are an invited media fixture at fashion week, we mingle with various of their team members at those times too,  but if you’ve ever been to a DTK party, you mark your calendar for the next one as your memories of beautiful creative sparks, decadence and elegance fuel your loyalty to return again.

Preceded by a VIP networking cocktail, the Soirée Montréal Mode will receive an array of creators, business people, artists, and athletes in the historical Bar George. The Soirée Montréal Mode is powered by the passion felt by those who come in contact with the work of our creators.– DTK

In Canada and even in Montreal, our fashion capital, it is not an easy feat to become an unmatched fashion icon in the magazine space. The competition in the US and Europe generally takes up all the space and fiercely kicks out new talent and spaces to defend their editorial territory!

It can be a very catty business, especially off the cat walks as creative directors and photographers compete to be the first to release a fresh face or some mean threads.
-Foxylee Creative director of BKM

Remember STRUT? They were a very promising local fashion magazine but they did not stand the test of time, and many other Montreal local magazines vanished before their ink dried. DTK has risen to the top and has managed to reign and represent the Montreal fashion scene and that is really amazing. We are proud to be covering a decade of their dreams realized and honoured to be invited guests of this event.

So what is to be expected at this EPIC Grand Prix Formula one prelude party? 

A wood panelled Vicorian blast from the past will swallow you up and you will forget what era you are in at Bar George. You will remember however, how fabulous you are when sipping a wave of mixology heaven while listening to Dj Fridgid’s smooth and sexy beats. No one knows how to spin at a fashion party like him… and I’m not saying that because he’s an old buddy!  You will run into your favourite aquaintances (their publicist is prob one of the best curators of people).

Above all, you will witness that feeling you get when you are a creative director and you meet another creative director, it’s like a rainbow tsunami a true braingasm. You will likely talk about amazing “what-if” ideas and ventures that will likely never materialize. That’s okay, that’s great, it’s part of it.

A little cinder from all those elbow rubs and champagne clinks will stay with you and will ignite your future work. When brilliant minds comes together to celebrate artistry at its most daring and demanding, you get magazines like Dress To Kill.

Don’t just come to this party, flip through their latest issue and enjoy your city’s showcases. You may be in a small city for fortune 500 corporate powerhouses but you are in a GRAND city for fashion and that is in part thanks to DRESS TO KILL!

Canadian Fashion Magazine
DTK  @BarGeorge, what could be more fun? (nothing).