Aim Festival is fast approaching, this means we have the certainty that we still in the middle of Summer (yay!). Montreal is going to be in a dreamy state this weekend because All Day I Dream will be presented at AIM Festival this Sunday!

New York, beautiful as always.

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 It was first announced that their famous All Day I Dream parties would happen in Montreal the same weekend as AIM. The organizers of AIM festival quickly fixed the conflict and announced that there would be a second showcase at the festival. A miracle in my opinion.

All Day I Dream parties began on a baking Brooklyn rooftop back in 2011 and have since become an international sensation, spurred on by Lee Burridge’s signature technicolor emotionalism, the sort that’s all too rare in the current electronic music scene. With that being said, The AIM stage on Sunday, July 8th, 2018 will be transformed into the dreamy ADID fairy tale.

This is the ADID showcase for this Sunday! If you are looking for some free stuff, check Le Weekend Guide here.

Dubai, February 3rd, Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE, #alldayidream ☁️ Ticket link in bio.

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First, we have international Hoj, (pronounced with a long “O”. Hoj sets out to create mischief in all his creative endeavors. His music is deep and sexy in a way that encourages crowds to create a little mischief.

His sound earned him a night at Berlin’s legendary Panorama Bar amongst a slew of other clubs and stages around the world. He was one of the founding members of the Opulent Temple at Burning Man, I have been lucky enough to see Hoj in cities like Bahrain, Dubai, Black Rock City, and of course Montreal! Each time I see his set, I’m setting out on a magical journey set in a realm without time or space! His set starts at 1:30 as he opens the ADID showcase.

Following Hoj, we have none other than Lee Burridge gracing us with his musical presence! In the decade that has passed since Lee Burridge discovered acid house music, raided the local record shops of Bournemouth and took to the decks, his illustrious DJ career has spanned at least three continents! We are thrilled to have him in Montreal at AIM! Below, a wonderful track


Sebasian Leger is up next, a born and bred French DJ who has made his name through his melodic house and techno sounds. One of my favorites, he will aid us in losing ourselves in the sound of the music!

Lost Miracle, the monthly radio show from Sébastien Léger. Bringing you the best of melodic house, groovy techno, colorful tunes and mysterious vibes. Most importantly, his first edition that has been posted this morning!!! It is featuring an unreleased track that he will play for ADID ( omg omg omg!!!)



Next, we have the talented Oona Dahl. She describes herself as traveling through a channel to enter other dimensions of colored refracted dreams and soundwaves guided by the spirit she. With her lovely sound and style, Oona Dahl has left her mark in the ADID community which has grown into an international sensation. It’s a pleasure to see her again in Montreal. Below is her set that I’ve probably listened to a hundred times <3


Well, I hope to daydream with all of you wonderful people this weekend! <3 I can not wait!