Have you ever been to an outdoor festival and just wished that the love and energy you felt there could be found in the city. Well that’s why Awsum Kulture was created.

Over the past few years the art of DJ’ing has become progressively more popular with anybody being able to pick up a pair of CDJ’s and start experimenting. What that means is, to stay in the game and to stay relevant you have to work extra hard and bring something new to the table with every show.

Meet VeroniKa and Oliver, and welcome to Awsum Kulture.

This week I had the pleasure to catch up with Véronique Coallier and Olivier Duquette, Founders and DJ’s at Awsum Kulture. What sets them apart from other DJ Duos? This tag team couple have been mixing together for 4 years now and over that time they have developed a deep musical understanding of each other, so much so that they can truly practice tag team mixing at a live set. We see two guys up at the stand often trading off every ten or 15 minutes, each getting their piece in.

Well VeroniKa and Oliver trade off with every song!

Now this is extremely difficult; this makes each one of their sets unique and unpredictable. Luckily for us these two know how to work off each other so well it turns into one seamless journey through Psychedelic Techno, Deep and Dark Tech House and all the Prog and Minimal in between.

True lovers and promoters of electronic music they have been playing all around the city officially since February 2015. In that time they have appeared at numerous outdoor festivals such as Timeless and started the Kollective known as Awsum Kulture. This Kollective of local DJ’s, producers, VJ’s and photographers are looking to create a movement in the world of underground electronic music here in Montreal.

Awsum Kulture’s new project is focused on promoting local Montreal talent in the underground techno scene.

Awsum Kulture is here, in collaboration with Rhythm is Rhythm #INLAB, owned by Montreal pioneer, Nicola Torriero, and we can all be a part of it THIS FRIDAY NOVEMBER 10th. It will be an intimate night where the crowd can watch everything the DJ is up to from an overhead mirror and which will be live streamed for any of us that can’t make it out.

Starting the Night will be Nicola Torriero, followed by Wa5p of Awsum Kulture. Changing things up this time around, VeroniKa and Oliver will be playing their own respective sets to close off the night. This will be a very special edition of Room 54 at Red Room in Old Port Montreal. A show you will not want to miss!

Just bring your smiling faces and your dancing feet and VeroniKa and Oliver will sort out the rest. Tickets are FREE before midnight then 5$ at the door. Space is LIMITED for this special edition of Room 54. Check out the event page HERE and I’ll see you all on the dance floor.

Also the awesome photo in our featured image was taken by this kick ass photographer! We are excited to showcase more of her work as she is def a best kept photographer!

Jasmine Van Heijster – Waheed