Does my band need a second life?

When you’re looking at doing social media marketing for your band, you automatically think of building pages on MySpace and Facebook. But how about Second Life? Is it worthwhile to invest your time & money doing social media marketing on this platform? After having done some research, the answer seems to be a resounding NO! Here are a few reasons why:

Facebook and MySpace are both ranked in the top 10 sites in the world, Twitter is 39th, while Second Life is ranked 3,750 (according to, and seems to have reached a plateau at that ranking.

Advertising on Second Life has not proved that successful according to a recent survey, which reported that only 7% of respondents said advertising on SL had any impact on their purchasing behavior.

In order to access Second Life, you need to create an avatar, which can be very time consuming, and, depending on how fancy you want to make yourself, expensive! I walked through this intriguing but You might argue that SL might be a good place to promote your band by having a virtual concert, as bands have done in the past, and through this exposure sell your records and tickets to your real concert. Now, seeing above how low the site’s ranking is, and how complex it can to create just your avatar, never mind a virtual band together, why would you go through all that trouble?

Even with thousands of LINDEN (A real currency used in SL), do u really want to spend it on virtual guitars and a cool haircut??

I’m not saying don’t do it; maybe you really dig SL’s virtual world, but it is just not the most cost-effective way to reach potential fans. All in all, just not the best bang for your buck.