#DOACA will be the short for Diary Of A Carb Addict. Takes up less room and those who want to follow recipes can search #DOACA.

So in my search for the best KETO brownies, I have tried literally everything from coconut oil, avocado, black bean, cream cheese, tofu… I am a research perfectionist and I wanted to maintain the sweet chocolatey richness of the brownie but also have that rich buttery flavor without it being too saturated in bad fats. I have finally come up with a hybrid of 3 of the best recipes on the net but in my own version.

My boyfriend says he can barely tell they are “healthy” brownies so that is a good sign! Below is a video and recipe below:



6 Eggs
125 grams of butter
Half an Avocado
1/2 tsp baking powder
80 grams Dutch cocoa
2 Tsp vanilla
100 grams of cream cheese
4-6 TBSP granulated sweetener like Swerve or Truvia

I add a crumble on top of: psyllium husk and coconut flour and sea salt! But you do not need to