Protein Shakes that Taste Great

It’s all about protein shakes. Last week. I didn’t have great results yet I did not cheat that much… I looked back at my diet and while I was not eating that many carbs, I wasn’t eating that much of anything! It seems a big challenge for me is actually getting enough protein in my day period. They say women need 60 grams of protein daily and that is not even on a low carb or keto diet and I was getting probably maybe 40-60.

The Keto Club and Protein Shakes

The problem is, I am not a huge meat eater. I just can’t enjoy the plates of bacon that the keto club loves indulging in every day. I get sick of eating meats and I also do not like eating meat that isn’t well cooked or seasoned enough which is why I love BBQ chicken but not so much plain chicken breast. Eating steak for me at home is near impossible, I need it to be done at a resto and really taste like the marinade. What to do… I don’t want to eat all that weird vegan processed protein which is soy based and not good for you. Hmm…

Protein shakes! Especially the ones like Vega One, Bullet Proof and so on,  where they come from plant proteins like pea and pumpkin seeds. This will help me get the missing 30 plus protein macros into my day, no wonder I had cravings last week and didn’t lose a lot of weight! I also did not drink enough water. 2 things I am going to focus on this week:



That’s all I have to say today on a busy AF Monday! See you guys soon… (aiming at Daily blogs but I may skip and day or 2 if I get too busy)

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