O.k well… just so you know, I have finally gotten my diet right with the help of a FREE APP called Lose it! Which effortlessly tracks your calories, your exact meals but most importantly your carb, protein, fats pie chart. This was my key to success because it’s very hard to get those macros accurate without a calculator of sorts.

The other thing I did was make myself an emergency kit for cravings and to keep proteins and veggies interesting. So… what is my keto emergency kit? Here we go:

1-Tic tacs (low carbs, meets oral fixation and boredom eating needs)
2-Flavored water drops  I use Mio and this is not advertising, just a suggestion (because drinking 2 liters of plain  water for me, is just plain NOPE)
3-Delicious sauce packs I use Knorr and other brands, again not advertising just what I use. (because I get bored with chicken (my go-to source of protein)

These 3 items have prevented me from cheating in the last 4 days. Also, I am proud to say that I am able to now go under 50 carbs daily, sometimes even clocking in between 30-40 carbs daily. My goal is to get to under 25 by December… slowly but surely. I measured the juiciest part of my thigh today because my thighs are both very muscular and where I gain and lose weight the fastest. They are 21.5 inches. That’s pretty big considering that some models have a 20 inched waist!

I took a photo of my naked side body and sent it to my lose weight buddy Jessica and she did the same! We are calling those photos: ACCOUNTABILITY lol and we will do the same every week until Xmas and really try and adopt the keto lifestyle forever. #Ketoforlife

Ready for dessert, this keto recipe will knock your socks off!