Dear FMD Diary….


Montreal has been heating up this week & the city is looking HOT! I’m not talking about the insanely high humidity we’ve encountered. Instead I am talking about one of the many things Montreal does best; Fashion.

Mode & Design Festival kicked off their 15th edition this week. Offering up to Montreal some top notch runway shows, outstanding musical acts, pop-up shops, make-up stations and well rounded conferences with internationally known names in the fashion/photography industry.

Inspiring mass crowds & gathering a unique variety of emerging, local talent. Mode & Design continues to democratize the universe of fashion & design with 15 years of entertainment & diversity.

11222811_10153378446280168_8716961821661287783_nA big highlight from day 1 was watching local singer Apigeon work the runway, like she’s been modeling for years, showcasing her beautifully atherial vocals & music.

Paired with new collections from local designers BODYBAG by JudeHarricana par Mariouche & Hip and Bone, this show was a sensory treat for all those watching.

As if this was not enough to enthrall, Apigeon was then joined by the one & only Scooter LaForge who had been present for an intimate conference earlier in the day.


Scooter brought his a-game to town turning Apigeon into a piece of living art on stage, with LaForge spray painting the singers dress & body with a splash of neon colour. The end result an impressive Scooter original that looked hip & street-wear ready while maintaining a deluxe/lush vibe.

Scooter LaForge also presents to Montreal his first ever Canadian art exhibit. Showcasing his fluid style of po-art over at Galerie MX. This exhibit will be running til August 31 & should not be missed!

Another high point to the evening was watching local personality Jason Noël‘s capsule collection. Showcasing some very on point looks from Maison GodefroiWizemen, ADN & Nico.


Some of my favourite looks seen at the festival came from Wizemen. Showcasing their very fresh & original Urban Tuxedo collection. Featuring lots of tone on tone blends, leather components & a chic-classy look. Wizemen was a clear stand-out for me. Items that will surely dominate my closet very soon.

CoolKoala brought the fun with their brand of uniuque colourful fashions. Incorperating their avante-guard style of flashy looks laced with pieces of stuffed toys, painted up barbie dolls, and decked-in-studs garments.

11866435_10153549697607485_4590467359315724853_nA more intimate setting for this show allowed the audience to be brought into the CoolKoala world. With the models offering up some vogue style & break dancing while they stomped it out to some kick-ass beats.

The CoolKoala Crew WERKED that crowd like no other & closed the kick-off day for Mode & Design’s 15th edition of the festival with bang. Leaving me more than excited to see what else is in store through the weekend!



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Photo Credit: Stephanie Habre