What can I say, I love Croissant with my coffee, a nice French baguette with butter, chips and everything a carb addict would.

In my 20s, I often ordered mega carbs like bacon carbonara and seemed to melt the pounds off always being active and having a fast metabolism. Well, I started my own business and things got more sedentary at my desk in my home loft office in old Montreal coupled with being in the epicenter of restaurant heaven! If it wasn’t already a huge set back to be surrounded by good food and long desk hours, I had a tiny fridge and a hot plate as my “kitchen” so I wasn’t very motivated to cook. When motivation to eat well struck me, the realization that I was very far from all grocery stores was just depressing! That is how I gained a pretty immediate 25 pounds.

Carb Addict

I was able to fight off 15 pounds here and there forcing myself to go to gyms in my little time off or order from the PA and try to eat well but sure enough a Restaurant review would pop up and wreck my progress.

When I was seeing someone, I would go into emergency weight loss gear and pretty much starve myself down a size or 2 resulting in my body fighting back with weight gain. Periods of burn out, and work stress also did a number on my lack of at-work appetite contrasted by eating out too much. Thankfully, I have never been much of a drinker so my calories are never adding up too much in cocktails and wines.

Fast FWD 2 successful businesses later, a boyfriend who loves food as much as I do and drink about twice as much and we are trying to get me back to my goal shape by Xmas… Since he is a chef, he has taken on the task of helping me portion control carbs and eat as many healthy things as I can which is great. I do not think I could have attempted this journey alone, cause cooking for 1 is just so depressing!

So here is to Day 70 with 69 more sleeps until SANTA. So far so good.

I really wanted more than 3 tiny pieces of chocolate last night but I had a glass of coconut water and counted to 10 minutes (the typical craving duration). I also reminded myself that no one changes their lifestyle overnight and that a commitment to try and do 1 small change is already enough. So I am not banning a food, or going crazy counting calories but I am counting carbs for a few days until I feel we are in the habit of eating 150 healthy carbs daily. Movie time is tough… I used to love having chips and 2 glasses of wine but when I saw what that represents in carbs, I traded that for 1 glass of wine and a coconut water with carrots instead. If you have been struggling with weight loss and want a digital friend who is doing your journey,

Join me in Low Carbs Till Xmas, I will be here everyday.