So here we are on a Sunday aft and I must say when I decided to write a daily blog, I forgot that Sundays I want nothing to do with the computer.. however, this is just for 64 more days when I will get to eat carbs and disconnect over the Xmas holiday. So firstly, the discipline involved in having just 1 soft shelled taco from last night’s Santos chef Larry, was so HARD and because there were 2 ! however, I thought about my mantra (And Kate Upton, my fantasy dream body for this challenge.)

Kate Upton

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. This logic really keeps me from derailing. A sort of common sense kicks in and I realize what’s the point in suffering and with no reward?

What is the point in changing your life to actually go back to your old ways. This challenge IS the challenge that becomes a lifestyle, this is a promise I have made to myself and I am sticking to it. With that strength and integrity, I will get to the last blog looking like Kate Upton (or at least pretty damn close) I figure she has my height and same bust to waist to hip ratio I’m just like a zoomed in version so she is a good goal body. Good to have goals or one doesn’t know where they are going.

Proof that I cook right up there! Today’s recipe is really simple and I made it on the fly.

Half a bowl of coconut / garbanzo bean flour, half a cup of egg whites, vanilla, turmeric, ginger, a whole small container of blueberries and 10 drops of Stevia english toffee sweetener (a must have for low carbing)

It makes everything yummy from coffee to pancakes to yogurt cups. I do not know how much I put of everything because I am so used to making these protein cakes! I cook with coconut or hazelnut oil which have high burn rates.

As I enter a new week of low carbing, I am realizing that for this to work, I have to get out more and take my dog for longer walks. What could motivate me to do such as the weather is getting colder… hmm

New Sneakers and a Fall scarf! Nothing motivates a woman more than a new outift to get out there and walk away the weight! Tomorrow, I will take the morning off and go shopping…