When I mentioned how long I am doing this low carb challenge for, many suggested cheat days so I do not go mental, and also so my body does not adapt to the low calorie keto and work harder at holding onto fat. Now this is a risky slope… firstly because refined flours and sugars are addictive in all humans (We were never designed to consume refined food) and also because the reward system in my brain will ignite with the decision to cheat. It will also harm my discipline and self-esteem if I deliberately go out of my way to cheat, thus fucking up my entire will to stay on track. How to resolve this but slide in 2 out of 21 meals at normal carb intake, to stay away from a weight loss plateau, easy: FATE.

Instead of planning 2 cheat meals weekly, let FATE decide for you as long as you respect that the meal cannot last hours, it’s just 1 meal and it cannot turn into a day of cheating. Also if the cheat meal opportunity doesn’t arise, do not look for one…

Cheating smart to keep the leptin levels normal and metabolism boosted will be the key to maintaining a fit body. Read More

Cheat Meals
Cheating to win!

These are my rules, everyone makes rules that work for them. Those with an emotional eating disorder who binge eat should not play with cheating for obvious reasons… My BF is a chef and comes home on weekends with a resto treat; since this only happens twice in the week anyways (and I do not fantasize about it or even know what is coming home),  I have designated those as cheat meals.

Last night for example it was The New SANTOS Mac n Cheese! for their winter menu. Technically, I didn’t cheat because on Sat and Sun, I save 50 crabs for those meals. That being said, if you are going to have cheat meals, you need to push your body deeper in ketosis by limiting carbs to max 50, so there’s the rub. If you are a work hard / play hard type like me, this works best. Working hard all week at less than 50 grams of carbs daily to earn the surprise 2 cheat meals on weekends.

Now, like any journey, this is a learning process.

Is my decision to incorporate 2 cheat meals coming from my carb addiction wanting to survive OR is it simply me trying to follow the most successful paths from pervious keto low carbers? Time will tell…

I am honestly uncertain of the dangers vs benefits of cheat meals. Most of my research and conversations with people who have lost a chunk or weight AND kept it off have said if you do not cheat, you tend to give up early or plateau and that their best results were in very controlled cheat meals. Since I scored only 4 on a Food addiction quiz by Suzan Pierce Thomson (a lifestyle coach for Bright Line Eating and amazing neuro scientist), I have decided to gamble on 2 cheats weekly, especially since they come as a surprise to me bi-weekly which takes any kind of planning and anticipating out of the mix. I just work hard at eating less than 50 carbs daily and FATE aka my boyfriend brings me 2 random cheat meals weekly.

I will know by next Saturday if this was a good idea by taking a look at my waistline! Thanks for tuning in and today there is no recipe because I’m sleepy and haven’t had my coffee and it’s Saturday and it was pretty tough to wake up a blog! But I leave you with a discovery KETO BARS that you can order for busy times where you can’t cook!