Happy Monday!

Last night was brutal! I finished my low carb dinner at 7 and I was out of carbs. This meant, not even a yogurt or carrot or anything. If I was going to respect my carb intake, I had to make something with ZERO carbs which is near impossible short of water! This is where the MarTEAni steps in to save the day!

I rummaged around my kitchen for anything that would satiate my sweet tooth and nagging for thirst, meanwhile, I was out of spring water (won’t do tap, in this old building!)¬†

Aha, I happened on some Tea my friend Sabena gave me from her visit from the Hague, Netherlands. A really amazing Brit tea by CLIPPER with ginger, lemon, and cracked pepper! I decided to try and make an iced tea with Stevia, Clipper, and lemon. ZERO carb success and it kept me satiated for an hour.


I decided to kill the rest of my cravings by going to bed early because, as mentioned before, can’t eat while you sleep!

I leave you with a calorie burning Greentini Recipe!


1 Cup green tea brewed and strained
4 Moroccan mint leaves crushed
1 lime
Zero cal sweetener (I prefer natural Stevia orange for cold drinks) 5 drops
Shake in a cocktail shaker with ice and strain into martini glass!

Thanks for joining and see you tomorrow! Questions or comments? feel free below.