Ever go over your carbs by accident? There is a 48 rule here, you must act fast! If you go over your carbs by let’s say 20, it’s fine don’t worry about it but you need to substract those carbs from the next day as the metabolism has a sort of 48 hour window. This is why you can get fat on weekends alone and come Monday be a friggin size bigger. IF you cheat again that day, you are officially DERAILING off the diet train and no one wants to be a DERAILER. Last night, I accidentally went over my carbs. I didn’t have a cheat meal, I just ended up eating too many things that were not carbless enough and ended up in the 120 ranger, mostly thanks to an indian curry dish that had potatoes. I didn’t know that would be the dish my BF brought back as he was picking up “indian”.

Which road?

There is a 48 rule for humans that defines the fine lines between order and chaos. Be it a dish in the sink or a diet, if you fuck up for 48 hours, you risk pushing past the border between order and chaos.

Determined to make my day a very responsible day, I started the morning with eggs and wild organic boar bacon and zero carb iced tea. I will have my low carb raspberry pancakes for lunch and keep all my carbs for dinner. Aiming at 80 carbs today total even with my carried over carbs from last night’s tip-over. Today is infact the true test of the shrewed disclipline required to maintain a diet challenge as strict as low carbs or ketogenic diets. Today I look at the border of chaos. I’ve been here before, it is all too familiar and the destination is clear: STILL FAT. I chose control baby!

Everyday in your decisions you decide between chaos and control in various ways. In the way you prioritize chores or work tasks, in the way you choose to decorate your apartment or organize a dinner party and certainly in the way you decide WHAT TO EAT.

I am not motivated to post up a recipe for today, since my focus in just keeping my carbs for the day in check lol… sorry. Recipe tomorrow I promise!