Firstly, last night I tried the resto-while-respecting-your-diet thing  yeah, doesn’t work for me especially in a group where no one wants a dieter ruining their hedonistic eatathon. I ordered a salad and everyone was so insistent that I try the deep fried spicy chicken that I realized, if I am going to use up THAT many carbs, I may as well use up a cheat night – which will be tough because we are only Tuesday!

Using up a cheat night early in the week vs a weekend is a slippery slope as it is much easier to control a diet within the confines of a weekly routine. Weekends are notoriously noted in the mind as reward times so at least 1 if not both cheat meals should happen then.

Weekend Cheat
Weekend Cheat

If you have been following my previous diaries, you know that already on weekends, my BF brings me back goodies from SANTOS’ magical Mexican kitchen, so this means I have to now refuse the fruits of his labour on Friday or Saturday.

Will I be able to resist just having 1 cheat meal this weekend? Stay tuned to find out!

My discipline levels are at an all time high and today for the first time, I feel suddenly thinner. I woke up and just sort of felt lighter and then pulled up my stretch pants and the elastic waistband is cutting me less than pork roast strings (my usual waistband sensation.)

Interesting Water yasss

The good thing that happened yesterday is that my BF surprised me with 2 kinds of flavoured water drops! Iced Tea and electrolytes Grape. Sweetened with nothing too scary either in terms of sweeteners. I actually really dislike the taste of almost all the sugar substitutes. To me they taste like a copper spoon and if you also feel that way you wont mind the Iced Tea one. The Ice Tea drops have a bitterness that cuts the metallic taste. These water drops are great for 2 key things: Getting enough water while low carbing (your filter organs need more) and also satisfying sweet cravings.