Yesterday was by far my cracking point… I was starting to have thoughts like I would rather eat delicious carbs than suffer through moderation and low carbing. The answer? Finding the piggiest recipe within the confines of my diet! A rich recipe with fat and flavour. Stupidly, I chose a fairly arduous one in Swedish meatballs lol…

When you feel like cheating with carbs, simply load up on your comfort fat foods. It’s better to eat whole fats than refined sugar and flour any day. The studies on systemic inflammation alone, prove that saturated fats are not to blame for heart attacks – overall inflammation needs to happen FIRST to put your body in a state where it cannot handle the breaking down of fats and the over production of bad cholesterol.

Sugar - Flour
Refined sugar and flour has more side effects than pure cocaine!

Overall Gut health and inflammation is all caused by refined flour, sugar and processed food.

Today I am really rushing to get our Halloween merch for our mini drag queen so I leave you with the best  low-carb Swedish meatball recipe I could find and I tried it last night but I did make these 2 crucial changes: I swapped the creepy sweetener suggestion for a tbsp of ketchup and I added 1 minced garlic clove to the gravy and black pepper.